Peter Woodward Polly-Anna Top

I liked the By Hand London Polly top so much, I made another! I did the same sleeve hack from the Anna pattern (you can see the first one here).


Firstly, check out my fabric! The panel is a Liberty lawn design by Michael Angove, named “Peter Woodward” after his husband and I think it may be my favourite print of all time…it’s covered in little unicorns, lions and dragons and makes me smile every time I see it! I fell in love with the print when I saw Katie’s Holly Dress and ordered a fat quarter from Alice Caroline to see it in the flesh and it was the perfect size to use for the contrast panel and have enough left over for plenty of binding.

peter woodward


There’s not much to say about the pattern as it’s the same as the last one I made, I just made it a couple of inches longer which I prefer. I did improve on my bias binding 100% though, no more messy neckline! I found this tutorial on how to make a continuous strip, which is much easier that the piece-by-piece method I was using. I also folded it and pressed it by hand rather than using the clover tool, and I found that to be a lot less frustrating. I followed a great tutorial (here) on how to attach it and am really pleased with how it came out. Ideally I think I need an FBA on the top, but to be honest, I can get away with it just enough and I am too lazy to complicate a really simple pattern!




Back to the fabric – did I mention how much I love it?! It was released in 4 colour ways but I much prefer the simple monochrome version. The design is a couple of years old now so you can’t purchase it from Liberty any more, but luckily I managed to track some down at Shaukat and have ordered myself another 1.5 meters so I can make my own Super Happy Fun dress – watch this space!



5 thoughts on “Peter Woodward Polly-Anna Top

  1. Lovely use of this lovely fabric! Now that you’ve posted the other colourways I really want more! I wear my super happy fun dress all the time, it’s a firm favourite.


    1. Thanks Katie, I’ve made a dress out of it since which I must post but I still want more! I think I might have to give in and get even more! Thanks for the initial inspiration!


  2. Hi – The design is called ‘Peter Woodward’ named after my husband. I designed it for Liberty a few years ago 🙂 Looking good – well done 🙂


    1. Wow Michael that’s amazing, thanks for commenting. Have you designed any other fabrics? This is still my favourite, I made a dress which is on my Instagram but never got round to adding here and I was thinking of another in the New Year!
      I’ve edited the post to correct you as the designer.


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