Sewn by the emerald clad hands of Mrs McMahon….

Clothes labels….for months I’ve been searching for some professional looking labels to finish off my makes. Despite lots of googling and pinning of ideas, nothing had jumped out at me. I’d found a few options, but their fonts and styles were incredibly limited, or they were printed rather than woven. The woven ones I had found had to be ordered in multiples of 500+ from China and hefty price tag aside, I’m unlikely to go through that many labels in a very long time!

nominette labels


A few weeks back the lovely Melissa of Fehrtrade posted up some new labels she’d got from a Belgium company called nominette. They looked fantastic with her own custom logo (you can see her detailed blog post here) and I instantly went to their site to take a look. I don’t have a logo like Melissa, although I do like using my dove as per the blog logo, so I used the online form to come up with a style of text I’d be happy finishing off my hard work.

It’s harder than you think coming up with a catchy tagline! I tried to steer clear of cheesy and make it personal but it was a real struggle! I went with OOAK – One Of A Kind on the front, unoriginal I know but I decided it was fairly self explanatory. On the back they say; “Sewn by the emerald clad hands of Mrs McMahon”. I thought that was a bit fluffier than “this garment has been made with my blood, sweat and tears – literally” which might have been more apt. Plus my emerald engagement ring is so special to me that I quite like mentioning it at every possible opportunity!

You can also add washing instructions, so I chose to have the 30, no tumble dry and medium iron on them all just to be on the safe side. Choosing the colours also took a while but I went with pink and green as I’ve had a real love of those together this summer and it tied in nicely with the mention of emeralds.

nominette labels


The labels are woven in a long continuous strip of ribbon and you can order a more manageable minimum of 100. The look and quality are really good, and I paid a very reasonable £37 for all of them, which I think is a great price. I love adding them to my makes, it really finishes them off – the only thing is now I have a pile of clothes that they need sewing into!

Does anyone else use their own labels? What style did you go for? I’d love to see some more examples…


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