A trip to Thread 2015…

Hi sewing lovers, blog readers and casual perusers of the tinterweb, how are we all? I’m in the midst of a sewing heavy month, which makes me very happy! Last Saturday I visited Thread (more to come on that), this Saturday I am doing the Ultimate Trousers workshop at Sew Over It, and next week is the Knitting and Stitching Show – hurrah! I love that there are so many things I can do with my hobby that don’t just involve the actual sewing part. It’s amazing that sewing, dressmaking and other skills/crafts are so popular now that we have all of these exciting things to get involved in. My Nan is 86 and was a seamstress for most of her life, she is amazed that there are sewing bloggers and expos! We’re very lucky.


Anyway, last Saturday myself and my lovely sister-in-law (Hello Suzy, you better be reading this!) decided to visit Thread; A Festival of Textiles at Farnham Maltings in Surrey. It is only about 20 minutes away from us so we thought it was worth popping down for a look. Thread is in it’s third year and neither of us had been before, so weren’t sure what to expect but thought as it was so close we’d take a punt. Annoyingly, we forgot to prebook so paid £7.50 each instead of £5, that’ll teach us to be more organised!

Farnham Maltings is a local venue that holds a mixture of events, workshops and courses in things like arts and crafts, music and more so it’s definitely somewhere I’ll keep an eye on in the future. There were two rooms, one containing stall holders and one with some craft-based stands such as silk painting and weaving. There were also workshops going on throughout the two-days but none of those particularly appealed so we spent most of our time looking at the stalls. There weren’t a huge amount of exhibitors, I’d say about 12, so initially I wasn’t sure if we’d be spending much time there but luckily the quality was quite high with a mix of fabrics, patterns, books and haberdashery so we actually ended up staying for about 3 hours!

Sorry for the terrible lack of photos, I was too busy shopping!
Sorry for the terrible lack of photos, I was too busy shopping!

Our favourite stand was without doubt Guthrie & Ghani, it was so nice to meet Lauren, her husband Ayaz and Lucy from the shop. We’ve deemed Lauren a bit of a sewing celeb and get slightly fan-girlish when we meet her, which must make us seem like complete loons, but hopefully Lauren wasn’t too scared! Ayaz was lovely and we were impressed when he told us about his bow-tie making skills! It was great to meet Lucy too, having spoken to her on the phone/email when ordering bits from the shop before; it’s so much nicer to meet people face-to-face.


There was a good range of fabrics to choose from and I picked up this gorgeous poly-satin for £9.50 pm. I’m thinking Anderson Blouse? I also bought the Colette Anise coat pattern, which I think might take a while for me to pluck up the courage to actually attempt but Lauren and Lucy gave me some good tips and encouragement. One of the best things about the Guthrie & Ghani stand was the clothes rail with samples of clothes made from a range of the patterns they sell. It was so useful to see the garments in the flesh and be able to look at all the details up close. I think this is something more fabric shops should do as it definitely helped sway me into adding a few more patterns and fabrics to my to-buy pile!

The other exhibitor I was really excited to see were the lovely ladies from Gather Kits. I’ve had my eye on the Mortmain pattern for quite a while and it was great to be able to see a couple of made up examples. I also got to see the gorgeous skirt hack one of the ladies was wearing, and now I can’t wait to give it a go myself. They also had their robe pattern, The Buchanan and the examples were so pretty! I already have a robe pattern but was still tempted! I did ask if they had any more patterns in the pipeline and they said they were working on it, so I’ll be following avidly.


I tried not to go to crazy as this is a sewing heavy month but I did pick up this super cute Tardis from Rebecca Honey who had lots of lovely pictures made from embroidery thread and ribbon. The tardis was a gift for my husband who loves Doctor Who, I thought I’d get some good wife points and I actually quite like it as it’s made so beautifully. Last but not least I ran back at the end and grabbed a TrixieLixie Knicker Kit – I’m so glad I did but that’s another post!

My little haul!
My little haul!

All in all it was a nice day out, we combined the trip to Thread with a nice lunch and a catch up so I’m glad I went, although I hope it continues to grow for next year as it would’ve been even better with a few more exhibitors!


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