Unicorns, I love them!

I’m going to start this post by asking you to watch this…


I am Agnes!

Well, other than not being a child or animated – but Unicorns, I love them!  I’ve always loved them, and now I can make my own clothes, I can wear them, much to the amusement of my family and friends. This isn’t my first unicorn make, there was the Liberty Polly Anna and then a dress completely from the Peter Woodward fabric.

Pouting in Unicorns...that's me!
Pouting in Unicorns…that’s me!

Here’s my latest fantasy land creation, a sleeveless Mimi blouse. The fabric is a 100% cotton, very cheap £3.99 pm from Fabricland. It sold out quite quickly so I’m gutted I didn’t get any more. I still have enough left for a pair of PJ shorts I’m hoping. I have seen this on ebay and etsy for a whopping £13.99 pm, just goes to show you don’t always get what you pay for.

This blouse was actually going to be a PJ set, but then I decided I loved it so much I’d just go out in public in it. I realise some people may find it odd seeing a grown woman in unicorns but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! Making clothes that make me happy is why I do this sewing malarkey!

Sewing the blouse was fairly simple. It is from Tilly’s Love At First Stitch and I made it back in the spring (playing blog catchup!) so it was one of my earlier makes. I remember thinking it was a step up in terms of my sewing skills as it involved quite a few more details than the clothes I’d sewn before. The details such as the gathered yoke front and back, the collar and button holes were initially a bit intimidating, but as ever Tilly’s instructions were so clear and simple to follow that I breezed through.

Ruched front yoke and bound armholes
Ruched front yoke and bound armholes

I decided to keep the top sleeveless as I liked the 50’s style shape it has. If I was blessed with a flat tummy, I would be tempted to tie it at the waist a la 50’s pin up – but alas flat my tum definitely isn’t! I used binding to finish off the arm holes, although for some unfathomable reason I didn’t cut the binding on the bias. It didn’t actually make much difference as the cotton was fairly pliable anyway.

Dreamy Buttons!
Dreamy Buttons!

I had to replace the buttons as  I didn’t realise the ones I initially put on were plastic with a pearl coating and it flaked off after a couple of washes and left me with some nasty plastic buttons. I didn’t mind too much as these ones are nicer actually.

Ruching on the back yoke and my makeshift fitting
Ruching on the back yoke and my makeshift fitting

In terms of fit, this was the trickiest bit. I made a size 8 (Tilly sizing) all over but it came up huge everywhere except my chest. Now having learnt a little more about fit, I think I need to size down 2 sizes and make a FBA. I think I might also need a sway back adjustment, there were pools of material at the back and the only way I could think to fix it was to put a couple of darts in at the back waist. It’s not ideal but luckily as the fabric is quite busy you can’t really see it and I think it gives quite a nice feminine shaping.

Back darts - approx. 6" out the back
Back darts – approx. 6″ out the back

What do you think, is a sway back adjustment what I need? Until I started sewing I’d never really thought about my narrow, sloping shoulders, my sway back or my high waist! I’ll try not to get a complex! Any advice on fit gratefully received.

tilly buttons mimi blouse

I’ll leave you with this…



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