Cosmic Anna

I’m writing this in bed at 5am as I’ve woken up not feeling well and can’t sleep…woe is me and all that! Hope everyone has had a lovely start to the week.

My weekend was another sewing centric one, as I headed to the Twisted Thread Knitting and Stitching show on Saturday. I won’t subject you to a whole post on it like I did in the Spring, as I was far too busy shopping to snap photos, sorry! Safe to say my fabric stash is bulging after the last few weeks. I picked up some lovely stretch cottons, quite a few jerseys and…hold the front page….an OVERLOCKER! Yes I am now the proud owner of a Brother 1034D and I am chomping at the bit to find time to actually use it!

Is it a bird, is it a plane ? No, just me gazing skyward for some unapparent reason....!
Is it a bird, is it a plane ? No, just me gazing skyward for some unapparent reason….!

I’ve got another slightly whimsical make to show you this week, following on from last weeks unicorns post. I think this one is slightly more grown up but I still love it.

The dress is a By Hand London Anna bodice, which has become a real favourite, paired with a circle skirt. I think I’ve been inspired by all the wonderful versions Roisin has made, plus I saw Megs lovely version this morning too which reminded me I really must post mine.

anna dress circle skirt

Dare I say it, but I think I might prefer the circle skirt to the a-line panel skirt of the pattern. It’s quicker to sew and for me I think slightly more flattering. Plus you can pull silly poses and twirls of course…

by hand london anna circle

I made the bodice up the same as my previous versions, except with an FBA. You may just be able to see from these photos that there are little cut outs in the edges of the sleeves. This was unintentional and due to me accidentally snipping into my fabric (cue much cursing) but I think I’ve made it a design feature rather than disaster! The skirt is a 2/3 circle as I didn’t have enough fabric for a full one.

Which brings me on nicely to talk about the fabric. It’s a Rober Kauffman called Stargazers Galaxy Royal that I bought from,  which incidentally might be one of my new favourite fabric shops, they’ve got so many fun prints.


Quilting cotton is so easy to sew with and its a nice weight for dresses, this one being no exception. I was looking for a space print fabric more like this one, which is a nebula apparently, but I couldn’t find anything similar so chose Stargazers instead. I love the royal blue and think I definitely need to make some more tops/dresses in this colour.

The only tricky part was that the fabric is only 110cm wide (44″) and fitting the bodice and circle skirt on required a bit of trickery and head scratching as I only ordered 2 metres. The skirt is slightly off grain as I was playing Tetris with the pattern pieces, which isn’t really a problem but I think my waistband might stretch out a little without adding any stay tape – more room for pasta!

bhl anna circle

I can’t wait to wear this out, which I haven’t done yet as there is a slight issue with the zip at the back, I must’ve inserted it slightly wonky as there is a little bit that bags out and I want to fix it before I wear it out in public. Don’t you hate it when you finish something and realise it needs a bit more tweaking? I often get fed up and put them in my “to alter” pile which is like the Bermuda Triange of textiles! Seeing these pictures has made me want to fix my Cosmic Anna though.

Finally, just in case you thought this post was a bit too heavy, here’s what every space/cosmic dress needs…it’s very own Dalek! Eeeeek!



5 thoughts on “Cosmic Anna

  1. Argh!! I LOVE your fabric, it’s brilliant (as is your dress)! Isn’t Anna such a great pattern? It seems to suit everybody, and there are so many variations. Yey to the overlocker, I have that one too. It’s a bit of a faff to thread though until you get the hang of it. I found a really helpful video on youtube because the cd that comes with it is useless – here’s the link

    I was having trouble with the lower looper (I think?! It’s the one with the green dial), and this video shows it perfectly. I could thread mine with my eyes closed now, but I’ve found it helpful to label the coloured dials with numbers in the order they should be threaded, because it just knows if you haven’t threaded it in the right order!! When I say label, it’s bits of masking tape with numbers in marker pen, but it does the job. Happy overlocking!


    1. Thanks so much Lynne, Anna is a bit of a star pattern isn’t she? I loved your Annalotte version in red, I am going to try that next, although will be a different pencil skirt as I don’t have Charlotte.
      I am LOVING my overlocker! How did I ever live without one?! I’ve watched a few videos now, thanks for the link, and touch wood really feel like I’ve got to grips with it. Hurrah for the overlocker!


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