The Seamstress Tag!

I’ve filmed my Seamstress Tag video over on YouTube! If you want to find out more about my sewing journey and see some of my sewing loves and hates, pop over and have a watch! I’m also finally showing my Colette Anise coat and would be very grateful for any fitting advice you have. Hope you enjoy the video!

Happy Sewing…


3 thoughts on “The Seamstress Tag!

  1. I made a comment on this video in YouTube and when I opened my iPad just now I saw in the notifications that you had replied. I went to my comment and clicked in the icon below my comment (looks like a book page) but all it did was bring up the keyboard. Could you put the link here please Sheona? I don’t know why this happened, might be the iPad, I will try later on the Mac. Thanks.


  2. Thank you for the link Sheona. They look much better than the way I do it at present.
    I am having some trouble connecting to you but hope you get this comment as I am grateful for the information.


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