Sheona - SewSheSho


Welcome to my corner of the net!

I’m Sheona, and since getting a sewing machine for Christmas 2014 my love of sewing and dressmaking has grown exponentially. As has my passion for fabric. I love everything about sewing, even the blood, sweat and tears (and the odd swear word) that go into my garments.

Fabric shopping is a favourite past time of mine, online and offline. I love all the colours, patterns and textures of fabrics and whenever I add to my stash I enjoy touching and looking at all my new treats, usually for weeks or months before I actually use them to make anything. I realise this makes me sound like I have a problem, but hey there are worse things to be obsessed with!

I make my clothes from a wide variety of patterns, mainly from indie pattern companies, who I find have a more modern style than the traditional pattern companies. I also love how indie patterns tend to packaged beautifully, like mini works of art and they also cater better for my size 16 figure.

I love following sewing bloggers, so wanted to share my makes with you – I hope you enjoy reading SewSheSho.

Please get in touch, email me sewshesho@gmail.co.uk follow on instagram, twitter and bloglovin’ @sewshesho and leave me some comments!


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